IT Cheet Sheet

The Small Business IT Cheat Sheet (for 2015 and beyond)

quote socratesIn this day and age, your small business performance can only be as good as the tech that you house.

Running a small business, you already know that things happen just as fast as, if not faster than, in the world of a big enterprise. If you want your business to run briskly in 2015 and beyond, you will need technology that will keep up.

If you are looking to update your equipment and tools to give your small business a significant return on your IT investment, all you need to do is follow this Small Business IT Cheat Sheet.

Of course, for the lean startup business, making the right choices can be challenging. Limited manpower, time, and budgets can all factor in making smart decisions. With a solid team and the right approach however, you can send your business well on its way to success.

This Small Business IT Cheat Sheet, and the discussions that follow, is an in-depth itinerary of top trends and tools that you, as a small business owner, should consider taking aboard in view of your vision & the resources at your disposal. Read more

google vs microsoft

Comparison of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work

When it comes to cloud-based productivity software suites, small businesses have two main alternatives: Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. Currently, there’s a fierce competition among the world’s biggest software companies. Google is seeking to attract more customers with increased storage space and tight integration of Google Apps suite with Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Android devices.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is adding more features like powerful spreadsheet analytics and Skype for Business to its web-based office suite, in order to attract more sophisticated business users. In this comparative review, we will be looking at various aspects of these two software bundles and offer our recommendations on the one you should use for your business. Read more

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How to Be More Productive with Google Apps for Work

Small business owners understand the importance of being as productive as possible. And, to help you be productive, you will usually need to use the help of various IT programs that can help you easily communicate with customers, business partners, and employees, allow you to share necessary information quickly and easily, and schedule meetings and deadlines. With “Google Apps for Work”, you can do all this and more. Keep reading to find out everything that Google Apps can do to make your small business more productive.

Gmail for Work

Although you may already be familiar with Gmail, Gmail with Google Apps will do even more for you and your small business. The first thing Gmail will let you do is choose a completely custom email address, including the domain portion, so your new business email address could be: [email protected] You also get 30 gigabytes of storage, Google Calendar integration, and additional security features. Read more

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How to Increase Your Team Productivity Using Cloud Based Services

The overall effectiveness and productivity of your team can be greatly enhanced and improved if you can include cloud based systems as a detailed part of your work process.

There are so many benefits that can be derived when teams employ the use of cloud based technologies to execute their projects.

Working with cloud based systems is no rocket science and there are several ways you can easily make this happen. Most times, it’s often much easier than you think because it’s a less painful process when compared to the several hours you might likely spend as a team working on an outdated desktop application.

Here are five great ways you can easily increase the effectiveness and overall productivity of your team using the cloud.

1, Choose The Right Cloud Based System For Your Business.

Picking the right cloud service system for your business is a great way of boosting your team’s productivity. When picking a cloud service, here are a few salient factors you must consider.

Do you need a cloud service system that offers you a faster communication? Do you need a system with more storage space for your work? Can this cloud service support your work as a team? Can it fit into your budget?

Always go for cloud based service systems that solve the most pressing problems of your business and are flexible to operate. Read more

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4 Major IT Challenges of Small and Medium Sized Business Owners

These days, technology has come to play a major fundamental role in the success or failure of most businesses. Gone are the ancient, obsolete ways and poor systems of operating and running a business. It’s hard to keep up with the changes, even as an IT Professional, but if you don’t embrace these new technologies, then you’ll have a hard time staying competitive on the market.

For instance, thanks to the Internet many businesses have been able to outsource their customer service operations to foreign virtual assistants who have been able to handle customer relationship issues seamlessly for these firms while they concentrate on other core areas of operations.

Thanks to mobile technologies, communication lines in business transactions have become faster and much easier. Today’s business deals have been initiated and concluded at a much faster pace.

Take a look at Cloud Computing, which could yield countless benefits as long as it’s implemented properly and it can greatly reduce IT complexity.

The cost of modern technologies.

Research has shown that despite the numerous advantages, technology and IT solutions tend to offer small and medium sized businesses over their competition, many business owners often drawback from using them whenever they think about the costs of acquiring these technological products for their businesses. Other challenges they often face include know how – the knowledge and ability to pick and use the right technical solutions for their business and security. Read more